The Phishing Attack

Have you heard about phishing?  There are still many people who are not aware about phishing. Have you receive an email which says that they are representative from your bank and if you do not reply your account will be closed in 24 hours? This kind of email is an example of phishing. Phishing is a scam used by people who wants to get personal and bank information from you in order for them to use. Soon you will find your bank account having purchases bills which you didn’t even made. That is why banks and government are creating programs in which people will be aware about this scam. So, how to avoid phishing?

  1. Be careful not to reply on any emails that is on your spam box or any suspicious email from a person you do not know.  Do not reply any emails which will ask your bank account, card number of your credit card or mailing address. These are personal information that other people would not know because they might be used against you.
  2. You can install anti-phishing software that will filter your email address and detect which emails have suspicious contents. Anti-phishing software is sometimes included on paid anti-viruses. That is why it is better to buy than rely on those free versions.
  3. Brief your children never to give any personal information from you even if the email says that they come from your relatives. Scammers will tend to do all the means just to collect information from you even using your relatives and children. A much better way is to hide all your personal information within the eyes of your children for safety purposes.

These are the basic things you can do to avoid being robbed through online. Be always careful and mindful about your personal information so they will not be stolen from you.

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