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West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Elements of Success

Running WVRJA is not just about the leadership or how modernize the facilities they have. It also requires how well the staffs work for each other in ensuring the safety of everyone and the comfort of inmates. Here are some elements of success that WVRJA employees show.image 3

  1. Having mutual respect to one another. The most important that employees inside have professional respect for each other in their own works. All leaders, security and mental staff know that this is the important element of success in dealing with the inmates. The respect for one another is the foundation of communication and training towards achieving the goal, mission and vision of the regional jail. The inmates are observed for any threats they might have. This is done by the security staff. For the treatment for those who are observed having mental problems is responsibility of medical team.
  2. Impose good communication and cooperation. Without good communication, there will not be cooperation for each employee in this establishment. The on-going communication of the progress of each WVRJA inmate is very important so that everyone can cooperate in their works. The medical staff should always be ready in helping security staff in the observance and treatment of employees.
  3. Acquired orientation and trainings. To everyone safety, the security team is oriented and trained that inmates will have possibility to be a threat to everyone. They should not let their guards down and be alert in observing them. Medical team is oriented and trained that they should look inmates as patience that needs medical attention anytime. This team is very useful when it comes to looking for patience that might have mental illness. All staff will have safety as their first priority and should follow the penal institution made.

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