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Steps in Applying FAFSA

There are many solutions presented out there for a high-school graduate and undergraduate to finish college. There are institution, companies and even the government who offers help. But it is recommended to go first to the government. They have what is called federal student aid. A help that can provide a payment not only your tuition fee but other school expenses. But first, you need to work with your FAFSA or free application for federal student aid. Here is how to apply:

  1. One, make sure you have prepared your income tax or your parent’s income tax.
  2. Now fill out your FAFSA. It is better if you can do it online to avoid less error. But if you cannot do it on web, you can go to your school and ask for a FAFSA form.
  3. A PIN will be given to you if you have done your FAFSA online. It is a sign indicator for your application form.
  4. There are requirements needed to be passed together with your FAFSA such as income tax return, driver’s license and SSS card, business or farm records, investment records, bank statements, date of birth or any W-2 form.
  5. You have to answer all the questions asked from you on the form honestly.
  6. List all the colleges you wanted to go. It’s a maximum of 10 in the form.
  7. Make sure you put your PIN after you have completed answering the form when done online.
  8. Wait for a few weeks for your Student Aid Report or SAR after successfully submitting your FAFSA.
  9. Financial aid letter will arrive about the financial package deal for each school you listed on the form. Review each package deal along with the financial aid fit for that university.

Start your application now so you can choose your own federal student aid. You may visit Fafsa.ed.gov.