Linksys Adding Password Steps

You need to protect your network system at home or office from unauthorized access which can shut you down from your own internet connection. When you want to add password on your Linksys router, the process is very simple. You can visit and read more here at All you need is to access the setup page using your desktop or laptop.

Steps to Add Password on Your Wifi in Your Linksys Router

  1. Be certain that your router is on and you will need to go to with your own personal web browser on your pc or laptop. Be sure it is connected to your router with whether wired or wireless.
  2. Just have the username empty and afterwards key by the password field “admin. Just click “OK” tab so you should be navigated to the router’s web setup site. In the event you cannot login using the standard password mentioned and do not be familiar with the custom one, it is essential to restart your router.
  3. On the page, just press the “Administration” tab. At that time click “Management” tab which is certainly found on the left area of navigation region.
  4.  You will at the present produce the password with your router. Just fill out the password at the “Router Password” field and then re-enter it for affirmation on the field provided. Be sure that you remember the password you have keyed in. You will reset again the router so that you can access the startup page and directly into beginning of this process.
  5. Just hit the “Save Settings” so that your password could be filed. It is stored instantly and then you don’t have to restart your router. You can currently login with your new password allowing you to continue with your connection on your network.

Add a password on your Linksys router now and make sure your network is secured.

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